full stainless steel / Billet CNC G series Manifold

full stainless steel / Billet CNC G series Manifold

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JZ G series 45mm wastegate flange

RB G series 45mm wastegate

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Featuring our premium offering our 6 cylinder G-series V-band Billet CNC collector manifold, Hand made manifold each bend is hand buffed for brushed look, along with all surfaces ground flush that makes up the ultimate finish 

* Fully hand made with machine brushed finish

* 304 Stainless steel Billet collector logo engraved 

* Fully back purged for longevity of the welds 

* limited lifetime warranty (provided correct install/protocols followed)

* surface ground flat header flange

* Hand ported to perfection 

Please note these are hand mate items that require time for assembly, due to current workloads we have turnaround times that can vary from 5-8 weeks

(this can change sometimes delays with shipping of materials from our suppliers, sometimes they have low stock and we have to fly options in but this is rare, we are always in constant contact with our customers if this happens) 

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